Hi teman.

And i dunno why, aku hanya mengingat suatu pernyataan temanku.

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So laaate post, actually. I just wanna share that although that’s too late. in the 13 of Febuary, i have a debate competition with ma best friends and ma lovely *kidding* teacher.

ya, actually the competition was not really good, but its enough for our experience before that competition.

But in the night, actually at 00:00 14 of February, we’ve dinner! yuhuu~ Not special, just in the “street” but actually, i love  tha moment! Wish tha we can get tha momen again!

ma best

Welcome 2K15


Here we are, its a brand new year!
I’ll get my sweet 17th in this year, I’ll get my KTP, and also my love “i wish”.

2014, i feel like, yesterday is the new year of 2014, but now, here i am, here i write, is 2015. Time is too fast if i do it involunteer, and too slow if i waste it by study, wait, etc. Bihihi.

I am just remembering when I lost “ehem” in 2014
And remembering when I get my 16th
And remembering being “leader of class”
And remembering being part of MPK
And remembering stop “idoling”, no i am still idoling now

I wish, 2K15 will has much lucky for me, for mafend, for all, but not for you, especially bad human. I wish i can be “better” “better” and “better” and do not be “worse” “worse” and “worse”. And I wish i do not have fens who “MUNAFIK” again. And I wish i can be “I am not fake”. And the last, i wanna be ” happiness maker “. Ameen


Thats all!